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The Beauty in One’s Heart

Yesterday when I was about to go to my church to attend to a service, I pick up some bills on my bed and placed in my bag.
Didn’t bring my car as it was just two streets away. My job takes me more time to sit and I preferred walking as my form of exercise. Indeed, it keeps my health, and save gas for me to give to the needy.
As I walk to church, I saw a woman crawling her way on the corner of a building for some scraps. She is carrying a push cart made of wood, and full of black plastic bag, containing her items for her own living to trade for some cash, probably in nearby store accepting her goods.
This is what excites me when I walk going to and from my clients. It made me see those people on streets how hard they want to survive just to make a living.
Seeing the woman picking up her stuff to sell, I paused, and grab my bag and gave her one of the bills that I hope is enough for her to buy a decent food. Then what is worth remembering is doing that thing when my own heart beats in a different way. Walking forward, I made a prayer that hopefully things will be better for her life.
I would recommend for those who have no time to walk with me…found this IAM Group Limited (Ltd.) at Seoul Korea. I reviewed their website and this IAM Group Ltd. is best in offering websites focus on helping. Please check it out. Others who lived at Yokohama, Japan started similar vision with IAM Group. Many Asian countries such as Bangkok, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore have similar group. Any religion or faith are allowed to join. In one common goal, we can give a new beginning for others who never had a chance to live in one good roof.
I would say there are so many lessons we can take from this experience. We may say we are lucky, for those who have made to the top, but that should stop everyone of us to share that ‘good view’. Believe me, it is the kind of love, and a feeling so grand that money can not buy. Giving is always a good exercise for our heavy or light pockets. Believe me, the returns are always positive.